Chhath Puja

: A Way of Showing gratitude to Lord Surya
Kartika Chhath Puja - 11-Nov-2018 to 14-Nov-2018
Chaiti / Yamuna Chhath Puja - 22-Mar-2018 to 23-Mar-2018
Chhhath PujaChhath Puja is one of the most major festivals of India. This festival is celebrated in most parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and also in some parts of Nepal. The festival starts in the month of Kartika on its sixth day. The festival lasts for four days and is dedicated to worshipping Lord Sun for seeking his blessing and praying for keeping the family healthy and wealthy. This auspicious day is observed by offering prayer to Lord Sun and taking dips into the holy waters of the Ganga. The day celebrates the benevolent act of Lord Sun and his wife for granting this beautiful life on the earth.

Kartika Chhath Puja 2018

DateDayEventHindi Tithi
11 November 2018SundayNahay KhayChaturthi
12 November 2018MondayLohanda and KharnaPanchami
13 November 2018TuesdaySandhya ArghyaShashthi
14 November 2018WednesdayUsha Arghya, Parana DaySaptami
Chhath Puja Recipe Chhath Puja, besides being known for the ultimate purity practice people take during fast, is known for some of the best recipes too. Here is a list of Chhath Puja recipes-
छठ पूजा का महत्व

वर्ष में दो बार मनाये जाने वाले इस पर्व को पूर्ण आस्था और श्रद्धा से मनाया जाता है| पहला छठ पर्व चैत्र माह में मनाया जाता है और दूसरा कार्तिक माह में| यह पर्व मूलतः सूर्यदेव की पूजा के लिए प्रसिद्ध है|

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छठ पूजा व्रत विधि

भगवान सूर्य देव को सम्पूर्ण रूप से समर्पित यह त्योहार पूरी स्वच्छता के साथ मनाया जाता है| इस व्रत को पुरुष और स्त्री दोनों ही सामान रूप से धारण करते है| यह पावन पर्व पुरे चार दिनों तक चलता है|

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