Chhath Puja on 13th November , 2018
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Chhath is a traditional Hindu festival in Indian state of Bihar. This festival is performed on Kartika Shukla Shashthi, i.e. the sixth day of Kartika month.

This festival involves worshipping of Sun God i.e. Surya Devta and Chhathi Maiya. She is considered to be the consort of Surya, the sun god. This festival involves religious customs and rituals in order to pay gratitude for Surya Devta. Sun is the ultimate source of energy. It is responsible for sustaining life on earth.

Sun is also revered for its positive force energy. Thus devotees especially dedicatedly worship Sun for promoting well bring, longevity and prosperity. They also pray for fulfilment of certain desires and wishes.

According to Hindu Mythology, Sun also destroys germs and thereby prevents diseases. The useful rays of Sun fight against leprosy. It also ensures the longevity and healthy life of family members, children and elders.

The Rituals of Chhath festival are quite rigorous and observed for four consecutive days. Chhath rituals includes taking holy bath, keeping fast and abstaining drinking water, standing in water for long periods of time, offering prashad & arghya (prayers offering) to the setting and rising sun.

During these four days of festival, the worshiper follows purity, and sleeps on the floor. Chhath is the only holy Hindu festival that has no involvement of pandit (priest).