Chhath Puja on 13th November , 2018
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Benefits of Chhath Puja

The splendor and benefits of Chhath Puja are rooted in its disciplined rituals. During Chhath Pooja Vrrati sing folk songs that calm the mind and soul. The solar energy grasped during this period is absorbed by the blood stream that improves the function of the white blood cells. The solar energy impacts glands greatly that activates the balanced secretion of hormones.

The solar energy obtained by folks fulfills body’s energy requirements. This further detoxifies the body and keeps it healthy. Chhath Puja is beneficial for mental health too. During the puja process, a cerative calmness prevails in the mind and removes negative energies away from the body. It regularizes the Pranic flow that controls jealousy, anger, and other negative emotions. With patience & sincere practice, other psychic powers like healing, intuition and telepathy are awakened.

Also, this festival highlights the preservation of natural resources.